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Current Reports
Continued sale of assets forming part of the bankruptcy estate

Current Report No.: 40/2013
Date: 10.30.2013

Continued sale of assets forming part of the bankruptcy estate

With reference to the tender announced on 17 September 2013, of which information was included in current report No. 37/2013 dated 17 September 2013, the Trustee of ENERGOMONTAŻ - POŁUDNIE S.A. in liquidation bankruptcy (the Issuer, the Company) announced that the abovementioned tender was canceled due to the fact that none of the bidders had submitted a valid bid. The auction was attended by two bidders, of which the highest bid was submitted by the company PG Energy Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw (PG Energy), offering:
1. to purchase the organized part of the enterprise (ZCP) for the price of 2.627.000 PLN
2. acquisition of 100% stake in a subsidiary of the Issuer - Energomontaż - Południe Katowice Sp. z o.o. for the price of 82.200 PLN
3. to take out on lease the immovable property referred to in the abovementioned current report No. 37/2013 for the period of 2 years for a monthly rent payment in the amount of 20.000 PLN

At the same time, on 30 October 2013, the Company received the offer from PG Energy, as maintain of the will to purchase the tender subject for the minimum price cited above. Along with its offer, PG Energy has provided evidence of adequate financial resources. Due to the complexity of the subject tender and depending on third parties to certificates and commercial contracts, PG Energy has not completed the transaction consultation process and it needs additional time to proceed to the final agreement for the acquisition of ZCP.

Given the above, after obtaining the consent of the Judge - Commissioner, the Trustee will proceed to dispose of tender assets in single-source sale. It is assumed that the sale of subject of the tender will be finalized until 15 November 2013, which shall be announced by the Issuer in a separate current report.


Legal grounds: Art. 56 par. 1 p.1 of the Act on Offerings – confidential information



Current Report No. 40/2013
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