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Current Reports
Continuation and expansion of talks on financing the PBG Group

Current Report No.: 25/2012
Date: 05.28.2012

Continuation and expansion of talks on financing the PBG Group

With reference to Current Report No. 20/2012 dated 15 May 2012, the Management Board of Energomontaż-Południe S.A., as part of the PBG Capital Group, announces that on 28 May 2012, PBG S.A. undertook further talks with the banks that are financing the operations of PBG S.A. and with companies from the PBG Group on the subject of additional sources of funding for the PBG Group. In fulfilment of the terms of the agreement dated 14 May 2012 on a temporary and conditional moratorium on the enforcement of liabilities (which the Company reported in current report No. 20/2012), the Banks that were due to grant a bridging loan (BANK ZACHODNI WBK S.A., ING BANK ŚLĄSKI S.A., NORDEA BANK POLSKA S.A., BANK Pekao S.A.) have received consent to do so from their internal credit boards. However, the agreement to grant the bridging loan and release the appropriate funds has not yet been concluded because a suitable structure of financial collateral must first be agreed upon by all the parties involved (the original date for the release of the bridging loan funds was 25 May 2012). Consequently, the talks on granting the bridging loan and on the release of these funds by the banks have been extended. Moreover - in pursuance of a decision by the parties - the scope of the talks has been expanded to include a comprehensive solution regarding the structure of funding for the PBG Group by the banks over the next 12 months.


Legal grounds: Article 56 par. 1 pt. 1 of the Act on Offerings – inside information



Current Report No. 25/2012
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