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Press Releases
Energomontaż Południe in the RAFAKO Capital Group


Energomontaż Południe in the RAFAKO Capital Group

On 20 December 2011, RAFAKO S.A. with its registered office in Raciborz became the owner of 46,021,520 shares in Energomontaż Południe, constituting 64.84 per cent of the total number of votes at the General Meeting of Shareholders. Energomontaż-Południe S.A. has therefore become a subsidiary of RAFAKO S.A., and directly, a part of the RAFAKO Capital Group. Both companies form part of the power segment of the PBG Capital Group, in which RAFAKO S.A. plays a leading role.

Energomontaż Południe will strengthen and supplement the range of services offered by RAFAKO. Incorporating Energomontaż Południe into the RAFAKO Capital Group will more fully and competitively enable General Contracting work to be offered and performed in the field of design, technological supplies and assembly of steel equipment and constructions, as well as installation and construction for power industry clients. Energomontaż Południe's competencies in power construction, with its broad experience in the assembly, modernisation and repair of equipment and installations for power plants and professional and industrial thermal-electric power plants, will significantly strengthen the RAFAKO Group's market position as a comprehensive supplier of equipment for professional and industrial energy clients.

Basic information about the RAFAKO Capital Group

The RAFAKO Group offers complete turnkey power units fuelled by mined or renewable fuels. Operating within the EPC formula, RAFAKO also offers installations for thermally transforming communal waste. As part of its comprehensive offer, the RAFAKO Group designs and delivers complete equipment and the components for it, comprising a boiler island encompassing the boiler, furnace installations and emission control systems, including emission desulphurisation and nitric oxide reduction systems as well as dust extraction equipment. Founded in 1949, RAFAKO is currently Europe's biggest boiler producer, and one of the biggest producers of environmental protection systems. With the technology and experience it possesses, RAFAKO is a leader in offering comprehensive solutions for the power sector, including ultra-modern units for supercritical steam parameters.

The power construction market in Poland will be one of the biggest driving forces in the Polish construction industry over the next few years.

Depending on the source, it is estimated that investments in the Polish power industry will reach from 150 to 200 billion zlotys* within the next nine years. Four leading players on the power market - PGE, Tauron, Energa and Enea - are planning to increase their investment outlays considerably in the years to come. They want to concentrate on building not only new traditional power plants but also those fuelled by renewable energy sources. Investments will also involve maintaining and modernising existing units. At the moment, consortiums with PBG's participation are hoping to win projects worth over 43 billion zlotys.
Given the great concentration of power project work anticipated in the next few years, having its own assembly potential in the form of Energomontaż Południe will give RAFAKO a considerable advantage over its competitors.

*source: Report "Power construction in Poland 2011 - Development forecasts and investments planned", PMR Publications, Ministry of the Economy, Development Strategy for Poland 2007-2015, Energy Regulatory Office

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